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Hellos Human!

 Every time you press spacebar it will reset the sword which comes from 64 different combinations. 

the sword you play as can shoot other sword blades which can save your life if you shoot them, correctly.

The goal is to survive the longest without getting hit by the flying blocks. 

as the blocks fly past and hit the center of the map your score will go up. 

I have only gotten up to 91

So this is a basic little prototype that I made in a couple days.  I made it test out randomly generating random objects and combining them sprites. 

Thank you for checking out my page. You're a wonderful human.!!!

Install instructions

1. Unzip the file and put it into a separate folder of your choosing 

2. Run the .exe in a folder with the data folder.

3. Profit 


Attack of the Swords.rar 8 MB

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